Hikvision Security Certification

About HCSA-Access Control
The HCSA-Access Control courses focus on essential theoretical knowledge, operation & maintenance of Hikvision access control products, including access controllers and various types of terminals. It is designed for professionals with experience in the security industry. Trainees should be knowledgeable about Hikvision Access Control systems and be able to operate and maintain relevant products on their own after this training. It's required to get 9 credits to start the exam.
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Learning Rules:

a. You can learn in one of the following ways.

b. For self-paced training, you need to complete all compulsory courses and some elective courses to gain enough credits (9 credits for Hikvision Security Certification; 12 credits for General Security Certification) before taking the exam.

c. For instructor-led training, you need to complete the online or onsite training delivered by Hikvision certified trainers before taking the exam.

d. A theory exam is necessary for all certification programs while a practical exam is required by some certification programs.

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My Exam:
  • a. Both theory and practical exams for HSC certification have a total score of 100 points. And trainees must score at least 80 points to pass.
  • b. Trainees need to take the HSC certification exams within 30 days after accumulating 9 credits or completing the online or onsite training courses.
  • c. A theory exam lasts for one hour, while the duration of practical exams is determined by the examiner.

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After completing the course registration and learning, you can obtain the certificate after taking the theoretical examination and practical examination