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Hikvision eLearning platform aims to help security-industry practitioners enhance their professional competence through learning and certification. The platform also provides preliminary training and insights for those who wish to start out in the security industry. We welcome installers, integrators, engineers, students, and anyone else who is interested in the security industry to use this eLearning platform for training and certification. We will help you manage your training certificates, enhance your resume, and stay ahead of competitors.
Certification programs
General Security Certification Program
The General Security Certification Program (CGSP and CGSA certification) focuses on the universal knowledge and skills needed in the security industry, from technical principles to typical solution design. This program helps individuals and organizations prove their competence in the security business.
Hikvision Security Certification Program
The Hikvision Security Certification Program (HCSP and HCSA certification) revolves around Hikvision products and solutions, covering system configuration, operation, troubleshooting, and more. This program aims to enable quick transfer of Hikvision's product and technical capabilities to distributors, system integrators, and installers.
Meet our trainers
Hikvision eLearning platform has brought together a professional and international team of trainers – Hikvision Certified Instructors – including in-house instructors and instructors from third-party institutions. Each of our talented and experienced instructors is a good mentor for your quick learning and development in the security industry.
Hikvision Trainer
Hikvision Trainer
What users say about us
More confident in installing Hikvision products and having control via software.
Enjoyed the session, and it was very well put together, easy to understand and informative.
Really enjoyed getting to understand these products. Pretty new to this market but feel happy with the information presented to me.